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In today’s world social media has played an important role to build a connection between the celebrities and their admirers. We all like to take selfies and feel proud to share it with our friends and family. We do get many compliments from our dear ones and it really makes our day. We feel happy […]

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Kim Kardashian is a celebrity in her right, and she has earned her fame and popularity on her own merits and talent. We have to say that she is not famous for her acting skills, even after participating in many shows on the television. She is famous as a fashionista with a style sense that […]

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Celebrities always look awesome when they are on the red carpet for an award function or a publicity event. It requires a lot of efforts and help from many people to make them look perfect for an event. However, even after such preparations and many precaution, there have been instances of wardrobe malfunctions on the […]

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Cheerleaders at Their Best and Worst! Cheerleaders are considered as the symbol of beauty, agility and fitness. Many girls try very hard to be a part of the cheerleading team at their school and also take many efforts to maintain their position. However, even these pretty ladies are caught in some funny poses that can […]

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Many times we are caught is situations that are uncomfortable, awkward or funny but that are not caused due to our fault. We have compiled some images which have captured many such moments that are funny and humorous, and the wind is the perpetrator, and it has created situations that can be embarrassing for the […]

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Prom night in the high school is one of the most exciting night, and all the senior students are looking forward to that evening so that they can spend some time with their special someone in a special setting. Even though everyone tries their level best to look awesome for their prom, but teenagers being […]

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What Happens When You Have Too Much To Drink! We all are aware that a cocktail or drink makes a party more enjoyable and that is the reason why people always offer them at parties. However, sometimes the guests are not aware of their consumption capacity. Especially the girls, who tend to drink too much […]

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Sportspersons are not meant to look glamorous when they actually playing a game or participating in a tournament. The sweat, the grime and the dirt of the ground are not a great combination and therefore, the audience and the fans don’t expect them to look all glammed up like other celebrities. However, there are some […]

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Olympic is the most revered tournament where many players, athletes, swimmers and other sportsmen and women participate to show their talent and hard work. Not everyone gets a chance to represent their country in the Olympic and therefore this opportunity is one of the most significant opportunity for every sportsperson. We have compiled some photos […]

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