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Prom night in the high school is one of the most exciting night, and all the senior students are looking forward to that evening so that they can spend some time with their special someone in a special setting. Even though everyone tries their level best to look awesome for their prom, but teenagers being […]

Awkward photos of Girls (8 Images)

What Happens When You Have Too Much To Drink! We all are aware that a cocktail or drink makes a party more enjoyable and that is the reason why people always offer them at parties. However, sometimes the guests are not aware of their consumption capacity. Especially the girls, who tend to drink too much […]

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Sportspersons are not meant to look glamorous when they actually playing a game or participating in a tournament. The sweat, the grime and the dirt of the ground are not a great combination and therefore, the audience and the fans don’t expect them to look all glammed up like other celebrities. However, there are some […]

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Olympic is the most revered tournament where many players, athletes, swimmers and other sportsmen and women participate to show their talent and hard work. Not everyone gets a chance to represent their country in the Olympic and therefore this opportunity is one of the most significant opportunity for every sportsperson. We have compiled some photos […]

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Disney was always a synonym of sweet, innocent girls. Many stars earned the love of audience through popular Disney shows. But you will be surprised to see the list of really cute girls who end up to the wild personality when they grew up. Check out the entertaining list of cute Disney girls who are […]

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It is an occasion that comes once in a lifetime so each and everyone wants it to be the best. However, there are bloopers that take place behind the events that reach up to the big day. Here are some of them which you must not have seen but there were people who were not […]

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Hollywood has reputation for being naughty when it comes to skipping the pants day! We bring to you list of the A-List celebrities who have built a reputation of not wearing them at all. Be it a social media feud, rant at a co-star, make home made adult videos or even twerking in public seems, […]

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Some cameramen are simply naturals! What appears to many as ordinary may completely vary to a cameraman who has extraordinary skills. We bring to you a gallery which will make you think twice about how to appear in public. A perfectly normal way of cooling down in the burning sun: This beautiful young woman knows […]

So Let’s take a look back in to the year that wasn’t (3 Images)

Today I propose to write on some pressing issues in my country. But before I begin my transcript I want to be very clear that I am a true Indian at heart and I would always wish the nest for my soil.  So let’s begin recapping 2015, overall it seemed like a good year for […]

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This was like never before. A rilvalry which was followed by the entire country for over 6 years came to an astonishing finish. Yes, we are talking about no other than Slaman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. If you remember clearly it was about 6 years ago at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash when the two stars […]